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Terms & Conditions


1. Orders which have already been sent for processing cannot be cancelled while processing. The order may only be cancelled only when processing replies

2. A video proof may be required for a refund if there is a claim the unlock code provided does not unlock the device.

3. may refuse a refund if the information e.g imei, network or model you submitted is incorrect or if the phone was already hardlocked

4. Android device holders such as Samsung, Motorola, Lg make sure before ordering that the phone prompts for unlock code automatically when they insert an unsupported SIM card. If the phone does not ask for a code automatically have rights to not issue refunds. Please contact to support if your phone doesn`t prompt for unlock code.

5. iPhone users must know the Apple ID and password or the “Find my iPhone” feature under iCloud settings is turned OFF. If you unable to use the phone because you do not have the Apple ID password then u r not eligible for a refund for the iPhone unlock service.

6. If sim network unlock pin successfully accepted & you still not able to use it with your desired network, no refund would may issue. It is your responsibility to check network compatibility before ordering.

7. Blacklist IMEI`s are accepted but not refund if you are trying to activate or use it after unlock with the network which reports it blacklist, lost or stolen device. OR in the same country where it marked as blacklist

Turnaround Time, Cancellations & Refunds:

1 The posted turnaround times are an average time and are not guaranteed. Turnaround times may vary from different models, networks, and supplier status. It is exceptional that any service can be slow down because of technical issues or processing loads. Please be patience if that occurs

2 Orders which have already been sent for processing cannot be cancelled while in transit.

3 If a code cannot be calculated or found for your device, a refund will be issued 100% and returned to your credit card or paypal account. If you insist on that the code doesn`t work, video proof will be required of you to prove it:

  • Pressing *#06# clearly showing the IMEI number of your device
  • Inputting the unlock code provided by us
  • Some devices have special requirements in the video.
    For the Video refund, contact us first, as different devices have different video requirements. If these requirements are not met, we may refuse a refund


***ALL Brands & Logos are registered trademark of their Respected Owners. is not affiliated or part of with any one of the Carriers or Handset manufacturer. Orders are subject to our Terms and Conditions. If you are not agree with our Terms and Conditions, please do not use our services.***